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Join us in bringing independent stability at scale to the Ethereum ecosystem.

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Early Pass NFT

We believe everyone should have access to monetary stability and transaction efficiency.

Together we can pave the way for a stablecoin that is not dependent on a single point of value determination. Together we will implement a stablecoin with a fair exchange rate for all, regardless of geographical location. Truly global.

Early Pass will grant you access to future benefits exclusively for members only.


Stability Lands NFTs

The four keys are a symbol of action for a better tomorrow. They represent four core values of GSU — Stability, Efficiency, Equality, and Prosperity for all.


They represent the possibility for the whole DeFi ecosystem and beyond to create a brighter and more stable future, together.


This adventure is your chance to contribute to a new era of prosperity and shared stability.

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Global Stability Alliance

Is a supporting body of the GSU | Protocol community focused on spreading good vibes.

We coordinate community together, organize events, campaigns and track on-chain data and contributions to learn how to operate a digital native, global community!


This is only the initial but very important step towards a progressive decentralization and democratization of shared stability.


Ambassador Programme

We are looking for members of our community to be an integral part of creating a message of improved and equally shared global stability, connecting people, and promoting positive change and efficiency for the benefit of all.


You will get to meet inspiring, like-minded people and get involved in a variety of activities to make a difference on a global scale.

We look forward to having you join us and help make our growing community prosper, together.

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