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GSU Protocol performs a stablecoin issuance that leverages blockchain technology to create an efficient and secure global digital currency ecosystem.

"Most of the stablecoins present on the market are $USD pegged (≈99%)."


This means that they are subject to the same economic conditions as the US dollar. However, more than 80% of crypto users come from outside the U.S. and do not have the US dollar as their currency. Therefore, as the US dollar is experiencing inflation or other economic troubles, the USD-pegged stablecoins would be directly affected as well. According to the DXY index, over the past 6 months, the US dollar has lost more than 10% of its value. Secondly, because there is a relatively small amount of non-usd-pegged stablecoins, there is less diversity in the stablecoin market, and thus less opportunity to hedge against this risk.

"GSUcoin and its non-fiat peg fixes this!"


GSUC Token

The GSU soft-pegged stablecoin.

Token Symbol: GSUC

Token Address: 0x6CA37D0874D8540e6BA91d15267B880A572351B1 (ERC20)


GSUP Token

The token utilized for incentives.

Token Symbol: GSUP

Token Address: 0xb5D38B20411F2336e6772229359A4af528499b9b (ERC20)

Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 GSUP


sGSUP Token

The staked token used for influencing decision-making and splitting protocol fees.

Token Symbol: sGSUP

Token Address: coming soon

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The GSUC Price Peg

Due to its nature of unprecedented stability in both the crypto and fiat worlds, the GSUCoin aims to remain pegged to the GSU rate. Deepening liquidity will be incentivized via token emissions and stability mechanics will depend on arbitrage.


  • Users of GSUc can purchase discounted GSUc on the market when trading below the peg to repay some of their debt.

  • Holders of any crypto can trade into GSUc and out of GSUc to rebalance the Swap/DEX pools and maintain the peg when the GSUc is trading outside of the band.

Supply control

  • The supply of the GSUc tokens issued is fluid and permissionless through the GSU Protocol on Ethereum.

  • Holders of potential collateral assets for GSU Protocol can decide to open a position (vault) and issue GSUc to be sold on markets where GSUc is trading above the peg.

Read more about the GSU exchange rate here.

The GSUP Token Distribution
  • 51% (510M GSUP): Incentives for the Ecosystem

  • 7% (70M GSUP): Reserve

  • 10% (50M GSUP): Operations & Team

  • 3.5% (35M GSUP): Seed Round

  • 12.5% (125M GSUP): Future Financing — Optional

  • 12% (120M GSUP): Founding Group

  • 4% (40M GSUP): GSU Organization

An initial token supply was pre-minted on 27th June 2022 due to the importance of tokens in the protocol functioning.

Incentives for the Ecosystem

51% of the total supply will be used to incentivize particular LP pairs, other liquidity mining programs, and GSUc issuance emissions:

  • 15.7% Incentivizing GSUc Issuance via TVL

  • 23.5% GSUc Liquidity Mining Program

  • 11.8% GSU Partners

Additional incentives are being formulated and will be proposed once finalized (e.g.: GSU Governance Delegates, GSU Ambassadors, GSU Marketing Efforts).

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