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Read more about GSU Protocol’s tokenomics and how the protocol can provide users with a secure, reliable, and cost-effective solution for stablecoin issuance and lending while maintaining its competitive edge.



Learn more about mechanisms with which the protocol can maintain a safe collateral ratio and protect the integrity of the system.

Our purpose

We are starting a movement towards better international stability equally shared among all!

GSUp token will be used to manifest or confirm community support.

We strive to create an environment where everyone will feel empowered to share their ideas and innovations toward forming an incubator with a sustainable support system.

GSUp tokens will be used for voting initially together with the foundation, working together towards decentralization of the functions.


Driven by the community

Decentralization is a destination and we are at the beginning of our journey towards independent shared stability. 

Together with the GSU Foundation we will ensure that the protocol stays competitive and innovate to fulfill community and the ecosystem demands.

Join the debates and discussions in the forum where you can comment, share your ideas and propose to the community your idea for the initial temperature check before the vote is published on-chain. (TBA)

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The GSU Foundation will be initially serving community ambitions about the monetary stability. It will contribute to building partnerships and implementing competitive features and offerings for the protocol to be marketed and operated globally.

Community Token

The members of the community that are protocol token holders can participate in the membership work of the association, and vote on proposals together with the foundation.​

In order to participate in the active governance of the protocol, token holders will vote by depositing GSUp tokens to the voting contract and therefore contributing to protecting the protocol against governance attacks.

Lock and release details are as follows:

Investors: Lock - 3 months, Release - over 18 months (1/18 monthly).

Team: Lock - 12 months, Release - over 24 months (1/24 monthly).

GSU Organizations: Lock - 6 months, Release - over 36 months (1/36 monthly).

Operations: No Lock, Release - over 36 months (1/36 monthly).

Ecosystem Incentives: No Lock, Release - over 12 months (1/12 monthly), Allocated over 3 years.

Ecosystem Incentives

  • Incentives are expected to be distributed over period of three years and has differentiated vesting periods based on type of asset, effort and investments.

    Incentives are awarded as:
     numbers of community tokens issued as a function of the provided contribution​. ​Accumulated value is expected to increase with growing TVL.

  • The tokenomics are made so it continuously supports the protocols KPI's through the expected three year implementation period.​

  • Incentives are balanced to support and attract up to 4bn the first year or over 14bn over the expected period of three years.


Decentralization is a destination and we are on the journey together.


The GSU community will have the opportunity to stake their GSUp tokens in the protocol to mitigate capital inefficiencies and from that earning a fee. When a sustainable GSU Protocol operation is running and can achieve profitable global growth then community will be allocated funding for stability related activities - conferences, publishing projects, etc.


More developments on the governance part of the protocol as well as necessary documentation are being worked on and we will be looking forward to keep the community updated with the most recent progress.

Join early and help us shape the future of decentralized independent and shared stability with us!

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